The Greys MagScout


The Greys MagScout first released in December 2012 but was originally called '1st New Cross Magazine' and than in early May 13 it was renamed 'The Greys MagScout' and a Logo for it was created straight away which gave our Magazine its own unique view, it also made it stand out more and more appealing for parents and leaders to have a read of it where it contained a Front page and a back contacts page as most Magazine's do.


Our 'MagScout' contains updates of the group over the last 3 months and any stories within the Scouting Association or any story's people send forward that they would like to publish, our 'MagScout' also containing the upcoming events of the next 3 months.


This idea was created by our Ass. Scout Leader in 2012 Luke Cohen as he wanted to find a more of a connection with the parents to tell them whats happening within the group other than boring old emails. Luke was told that he would have a lot of hard work upon his hands as its been tried before in the group and it never succeeded, now Luke loves a challenge so it took on as a challenge and spent a lot of work into it working hard firstly starting off with a Template from the Scouting Association Website than moved on to creating his own.


Unfortunately, The MagScout got discontinued after leaders get very busy in their personal lives and struggling to put articles together every 3 months. 


The Greys MagScout:

  1.  Magazine edition 1 - Dec.12

  2. Magazine edition 2 - Mar.13

  3.   The Greys MagScout ed 3 - Jun. 13  

  4.  The Greys MagScout ed 4 - Sep. 13 

  5. The Greys MagScout ed 4 - Dec. 13

  6. The Greys MagScout ed 4 - Mar. 14

  7. The Greys MagScout ed 4 - Jun. 14