Nine 2nd Walworth Scouts

Nine 2nd Walworth Scouts

Nine 2nd Walworth Scouts

(Died 1912)

William Beckham     Aged 12

Albert Dack              Aged 11

Noel Filmer              Aged 14

Thompson Filmer    Aged 12

Harry Gwynn           Aged 13

Percy Huxford         Aged 12

James Skipsey        Aged 12

Edward Smith          Aged 11

Frank Masters         Aged 14


of the Training Ship



On the 4th August 1912, 8 scouts from the 2nd Walworth and a trainee from HMS Arethusa were drowned 2 miles off the coast of Leysdowne on their way to summer camp with the Sheppey Scouts. They had sailed down the Thames from Walworth and were caught in a freak squall that capsized their boat. Around 24+ went into the water at 1.55pm and many were saved by the Leysdowne coastguard and the Sheppey scouts. They are all buried in Nunhead Cemetary and on 4th August 2012 there was be a memorial service held at the chapel in the cemetary at 1.30pm and then moved on to the group grave, where Rex Batten retold the story of the nine Scouts and also told us all about the grave stone and how it was stolen but replaced for free by Kellaways Funeral Service.