Race Night

24/11/2012 00:00


Once again this was one of our more successful fundraising/social evenings but again mainly only due to attendance from outside of the Group.  We raised a total of £1040.70 on this most enjoyable and fun evening.  Thanks should go to all of those who continue to support us at this fundraiser, all those that worked on the evening, voluntarily as usual, and a special thank you to Mrs Jayne Confino, who donated most of the raffle prizes and the 3 items for the American Auction.  Thank you also to the 3 sets of parents that did attend the evening and the few that sent their apologies but still purchased a horse nonetheless.


I would also like to thank the leaders of the Group for their dedication in raising funds throughout the year which helps to keep the Group solvent especially in the light of the theft of our minibus which was purchased through fundraising – you make all the difference!!