F.A.Q. - Scouting

When is the youngest I can join my child in to Scouting?

The youngest section we have is Beavers which is the age range of 6 - 8 years of age, depending on numbers in our troop we maybe allowed to take 5 1/2 as the youngest. Beavers than move up to Cubs to the age of 10 than they move up to Scouts till 14 and last but not least they can join our Explorer Unit till there 18.

Where do I find Where to put my sons/daughters badges?

This is located on the Troop Nights Page on the right hand side, just click the Section you are after and it will bring up the uniform.

These are the links:


Beavers    -    Cubs    -    Scouts    -    Explorers    -    Leaders

I am a really busy person, but i'd like to set aside some time for Scouting, Does it matter how much time I put into Scouting?

How many hours or how many days you wish to volunteer is completly up to you we are happy to accept 1 hours or 3 hours, any or all help is very useful, weather you are a Leader within our group or just as a commitee member helping the group move forwards and progressing in light of the kids we have in the groups.

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F.A.Q - Facilities

Are your groups Minibus and Facilities available for hire?

Our Minibus, Trailer and our Grounds are avaliable for use for an agreed donation.


To find out more about what we offer please CLICK HERE

What are the Dimensions of your hall?


Length: 47.9ft 

Width: 19.2ft 

Height: 8.6ft

Read more: Scout Hall Features

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F.A.Q - Other Questions

I'm having problems with your website, what do I do?

If you are having any problems with our website like;


  • A Broken Link
  • Pages not loading
  • Trouble finding what you need.
Please try these steps:
  1. Refresh Page
  2. Close Browser and open a new one.
  3. Check Internet Connection
If your still having problems please email us giving us a detailed discription of the problem your having and we'll try our best to fix and reply back to you within 48 hours.
E: web.facilitator@1stnewcross.co.uk
We apologise for any inconvenience.


What Company's are known to you?

We are currently known to...


BTS Skips


Brokley's Rock Fish Shop


Ebdons Coaches

website to come...

Sidcup Windows

website to come...


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